"The first song is dedicated to me, it’s called - uh, Sleep Alone."

- Grimmy (via ianchaloner)

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Showbot: He's creepy
Grimmy: He's (Liam) not creepy!
Caller: I think they're all a bit creepy.
Grimmy: Who do you think is the creepiest?
Caller: The Irish one, the one that Finchy likes.
Finchy: Excuse me!
Grimmy: Who do you think is the creepiest?
Finchy: I love them all because I know the hate I'll get on twitter if I say anyone's name
Ian: That is the right answer
Grimmy: I think Harry is the creepiest. He looks like Tim Burton drew him.

"Look at the state of you. You’re in bits. He’s like your Paolo Nutini."

- Fiona on Nick’s feelings about Douglas Booth (via thattomlinsonsass)

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Grimmy: Who've you had beef with?
Matt: Probably someone from One Direction
Ian: No that's me
Matt: That's right. And then Nick gets in trouble for your words
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