Matt Fincham: How many outfits did you bring? Honestly, Keeping in mind we're only gone for three days.
Nick Grimshaw: Well to start off I packed 5 pairs of swimming trucks.
Matt Fincham: You own 5 pairs of swimming trucks? Are you ok hun?
Nick Grimshaw: Yeah I have a swimming trucks drawer

"I watched Commonwealth Games and then Simpsons. I have to watch Simpsons everynioght. Cooool adult."

- Nick Grimshaw on telly before bed (via grimmygang)

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"I think I’ve got carpet burn on my knees now, which is always a great look."

- Nick Grimshaw (via grimmygang)

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"why do people on tumblr not like it when we talk about tumblr? is it like fight club? so I probably shouldn’t talk about it on the radio 1 breakfast show really, should i? also, not that secret. millions of people on it. they never like us talking about it, we always get really aggressive texts like “shut up about tumblr, tumblr’s for us”. so we’re gonna have tumblr-beef i imagine right now."

- nick grimshaw (via 200pagesin)

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"Right, well I’m calling my baby Baby then."

- Nick when Matt wouldn’t let him call his next pet Stinky Baby (via 19-million-memories)

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Nadia: I don't want to watch you do yoga naked
Nick Grimshaw: That's a little bit nasty


i just want perfect skin and hair and teeth and body proportions and endless supplies of money and beauty and intelligence. is that too much to ask for?

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